Property Tax Appeal

Trim Notice Property Tax Appeal


If you are a homeowner, or an attorney that represents a homeowner, that has received a Trim Notice from the county property appraiser and are concerned that the assessor has overvalued your property and you would like to appeal your assessment, you need a professional appraiser on your side.  The county property appraiser uses professionals to assess the value of your property, you need a professional that is experienced in disputing their valuations to ensure that your property taxes are appropriate.

When sought out a professional to discuss the property tax appeal process.  They sought out Marsh Bilby, you can too.  Read Article

There are many reasons that your property is overvalued by the county property appraiser ranging from changing market conditions, to the condition of the improvements, to improperly valued land, to highest and best use.  If your home is located on a double lot, there is a good chance that you are paying too much in property tax.  We speak the same language as the county property appraiser and can explain the difference between surplus and excess land.

Whatever the situation is, we are experts in the real estate appraiser industry and we can help you reduce your property taxes.

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